How Do You Grow a Podcast in 2021?

Growing your podcast online in 2020 is difficult. Promoting your podcast and bringing in new listeners is no small feat. But it is definitely the goal! There are a lot of excellent ways to grow your podcast’s online presence today. Of course, this is because podcasts are immensely spread out. I mean, there’s a reason podcasters always say something like “Listen wherever podcasts are found.” It’s because podcasts are everywhere! This aspect is why podcasts are incredibly lucrative.

A Perfect Path To Grow Your Podcast

Coming from the world of independent filmmaking, the idea of film festivals meeting the podcast space has always been interesting. In short, picture a grand event, filled with podcasters, sponsors, producers and other industry members all gathering for a night of excitement. Specifically, a night of pure value for all parties involved. That, and a night of fun! This is the goal with the Cinemonic Podcast Festival 2021: A Place To Grow Your Podcast!

The Big-Picture

We’re here to give you a canvas to take your podcast to the next level.
We love to succeed at creative endeavors. It’s what we strive to do at Cinemonic. We love entertainment, and especially, making sure we get our entertainment seen by the masses. Over the years, we’ve brought in more and more incredibly talented, creative minds. Podcasters, comedians, writers, filmmakers, etc. Our goal is to bring your great work the attention it deserves. And now, it’s your under-appreciated podcast that needs to grow.
The Cinemonic Podcast Festival has list of value we’re bringing to our podcasters. The list continues to grow, as we learn more bout what the podcasters desire. But for starters, the Festival offers the following:

  • Professional Networking
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Awards & Prizes
  • Online Promotion
  • Live Show & Red Carpet

Let’s take a closer look here:

Professional Podcast Networking

Networking is crucial to growing in the podcasting space. The Cinemonic Podcast Festival create a professional mixer space to network with other podcasters, both professional and starting out. This is crucial if you expect to grow your podcast. You need podcast guests and you need mentors that can offer advice and feedback. And with this, our mixer will have sponsors looking to meet new clients. Also, producers lending advice, learning alongside, and creating work opportunities. And of course, other varying industry personalities: hosts, execs, network folk, etc. It’s a room filled with professional contacts for your podcasting future!

five person standing while talking each other

Sponsorship Opportunities

As stated, we feature lots of different types of sponsors. We offer direct contact with our official festival sponsors. Also, varying sponsorship company representatives looking for new clients to work with. Our goal here is to help our podcast winners land deals for their show! Or at the very least, create a relationship with the folks at these given companies for future work opportunities.

Awards & Prizes

What good would a night of fun be without prizes? We offer grand prizes for our podcast competition winners, and smaller prizes for our regular attendees!

Whether your a podcaster yourself, or a fan, we offer all sorts of prizes throughout the night leading up to the grand Awards Ceremony. In short, this is where we present our official awards to the podcast winners in each given category. It’s a thrilling time if you’re into getting cool free stuff!

Live Show

Our podcast category winners are all invited to perform their show LIVE at our official red carpet event. This is our grand ceremony! It’s an outstanding evening with back-to-back life presentations of these varying, amazing achievements in podcasting. Plus, with our live broadcast: a podcast live show is a great marketing material on it’s own! Not to mention, performing your show live is the most EFFECTIVE way to gain new fans in a room full of podcast-lovers.

Online & Beyond

With all this, we also feature our officially selected podcasts and category winners across our Cinemonic Catalog. The podcasts hold a place in the official catalog permanently if selected. This creates a great press material, as well as a great piece of online traffic for online podcast growth overall. We also announce and share all of our podcast winners across social media, to bring new audiences to your podcast on every platform!
In conclusion, the Cinemonic Podcast Festival is a chance to take your podcast to the next level. You work hard on your show, and we’re here to help in every way we can.


Then go over and look at the submission information! If you’re just a podcast lover, then come along and attend the excitement! Beyond the benefits, it really is just a lovely evening filled with great entertainment and drinks. What’s better than that?