Amazing Content Goes Unnoticed

The vast majority of content being produced never gets the appreciation it deserves. Therefore, we're here to shed some light to work that we believe in.So whether it's your narrative short film, music video, comedy sketch, documentary, or script. We're here to help.

The Los Angeles Core Film Festival is officially open for submissions!


Submit your work to our panel of award-winning independent filmmakers and industry members.


Our panel makes their official selections. They then go onto the semi-finalist stage.


The semi-finalists make their way through to the finalists stage. Then, lastly to the award-winners stage.


If you submitted, you're notified about selections and which stage of the selection process you made it to.


Everyone is invited and encouraged to join us for the red carpet premiere of the finalists' films. Also, our networking mixer, our Q&A sessions, and our awards ceremony.


The winners are shared online across all social media platforms and the online catalog. Also, winners are invited to be a part of the official, private film network. Lastly, winners are sent their Digital Awards Packet and invited to sign a deal with our Distribution Partners to take their work to the next level.

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Submit Your Work Now!



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