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Thank you so very much for stopping by. We hope you’ve enjoyed the Cinemonic Articles. Our articles range through our world of creative passion: Filmmaking, podcasting, business, creative growth, film festivals, self-improvement and our general path development. We’ve gained a lot of experience, knowledge, and especially stories, through our time in the filmmaking and brand-building world.

We fell in love with both story-telling and establishing a presence on the internet

Through our narrative work, and the Cinemonic Articles are more specific, valuable windows into lessons we’ve learned. On set, online, in the pitching room, in the writing room, in the cold outdoors, in the dark basement, etc. Our work brings us to some of the strangest, yet most interesting places imaginable, if you can imagine that. We’re really se on providing value and keeping you constantly busy while you’re visiting us, here at Cinemonic.

Hopefully you’ve learned something.

Or at least been entertained accordingly! If you’re looking for more, we have plenty to offer! We produce story-heavy, narrative films, online comedy content and podcasts too! Click the buttons below to explore some of our creative work. Enjoy your stay on Cinemonic!

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We’re in the process of looking for writers interested in the same topics we are! Filmmaking, podcasting, comedy, storytelling, etc. If you’re interested in joining the team in some capacity, we’d love to hear from you! We’re incredibly passionate about building Cinemonic up as a hub of entertainment within our passions, as well as a hub of value: to learn, gain perspective, and generally just enjoy content.

If you’re someone that’s passionate about what we’re doing here:

Whether it’s the business/brand-building aspects, the Cinemonic Articles, or the video / filmmaking aspect, we really encourage you to reach out. We love passionate and/or creative folks, so that would really be great.Hit that big ol’ button down below to reach out to us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks again!