A Bit About Our Films

The Cinemonic narrative films range across genres. Horror, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Drama, Musical, Etc. The constant across our work is the attention to detail within the story. Whether it’s a horror short film or a comedy feature, we focus on making sure the story is strong. We make sure it retains the Cinemonic theme and quality, across all of our work.

With that,

In short, we try to show stylistic and genre-based variety within our purely narrative film work. This serves as a portfolio of a sort of “proof of concept.” All of our work is intended to be a miniature showcase in what can be done without any budget, in independent filmmaking. Each and every one of our short films has the potential and capability to be turned into something larger-form (Feature films, series, etc.) We’re very proud of what we can do, and what we love to do, with a bare-bones crew and no budget whatsoever, we do release our short film work to show you what we can do with absolutely limited resources.

More To Come..

We have larger-scale productions in the works currently, but we won’t be able to release those online for a little while. So for now, please enjoy this catalog of some of our budget-less, independent short films from the last 5 years. If you’re interested in any of the projects, or developing something with us, please feel free to reach out via our Contact page. Thanks again for visiting Cinemonic Entertainment Core.

Learn More About The Cinemonic World

The Cinemonic Entertainment Core team is a group of talented, passionate folks dedicated to entertainment. That is, in some form or another. We’re filmmakers, writers, comedians, content creators, technical specialists and more. So this crew has worn a lot of different hats across our journey. But the one constant is the amazing work-ethic, creativity and sheer passion across our whole team.