At The Cinemonic Podcast Festival Competition


Our members and audience are all fans of podcasts or podcasters themselves. Make impressions and keep these connections alive!


Finalists get the chance to perform their podcasts LIVE at the festival. Whether you've performed before or not, this is your chance to do it for real!

Win Prizes

There are all sorts of giveaways online and of course, at the festival. Our festival category winners win big, but even our audience is eligible for giveaways!

As of 2019, 51% of Americans over the age of 12 listen to podcasts. So it's no longer an exclusive selection of people. We're mainstream now! But podcasters far too often get stuck in a place where they can't grow. Stuck in a cycle of recording in the studio, putting the work in. But not making it past that point.

Well, the Cinemonic Podcast Festival Competition is here to break that cycle!


In Short, The Cinemonic Podcast Festival Competition Process is Simple


Submit your work to our panel of podcasters, entertainers, distributers and writers.


Our panel makes their official selections for the semi-finalist podcasts.


The semi-finalists are shared online, entered into the official catalog & promoted on social media.


From there, the audience votes on the semi-finalists, to determine who will make it through to the finalist category.

The Festival

The finalists are all invited out to perform their show live at Cinemonic Podcast Festival in Los Angeles, CA.


After the performances, our group of judges votes for the winners in each respective category, and announces them to the world.

Growth is Crucial

Meeting other podcasters and growing is difficult. Through our network, we've met countless talented, seasoned creators, and with that we're growing our audience reach. And beyond the potential collaborators and mentors, we have people actively interested in podcasts looking for new content to consume! So of course, our winners are brought to them with open ears.In short, the Cinemonic Podcast Festival Competition aims to bring professional growth, and promotional growth.

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Your Podcast's Future Awaits.

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Growing a podcast in 2021 is hard. It really is. Promoting your podcast is difficult when it’s such a saturated, competetive industry now. We’ve met many who feel the same. But the beauty is: there is an incredibly high demand for great podcasts of all categories these days. The audience is there, it’s just not easy to reach them. So we wanted to create an opportunity to help podcasters with great shows grow it into something bigger. Through our network, audience, resources, awards, and other festival events: we’re set on bringing as much value to podcasts as possible. And with that: our podcast community is a part of our network forever once featured in the festival. We’re growing our community more every year. We hope you decide to join us!