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Hey, You Still Here?

Well, that’s really neat. Let me tell you a bit more about us then, friends (or enemies perhaps?) – Better Off Better is one of our passion projects. The Better Off Better Podcast is, as stated, our comedic, cut-throat journey to self-betterment. But beyond that, it’s a wonderful escape for us to enter the comedy world on a weekly basis. I mean, go check our site, we’re clearly keep ourselves busy. But sadly, that creative business was often pretty serious, and long, and difficult. Better Off Better has allowed us to take some time and put our creative energy into trying to make each other laugh while overarchingly attempting to improve ourselves as people.

We truly love being able to create comedy work.

As life gets a bit too depressing when we’re not trying to put funny into the world. We have a real thorough amount of wild exploration planned for the Better Off Better journey. From some real deal weird stuff, to some much more scientifically sound stuff. We’re all moving across the country to Los Angeles in the coming months, and at that point we’ll finally be able to really step up our adventurous creative span. Oh god, just thinking about it is exciting. You ever heard of Snake Therapy? But, let’s just say, if nothing else, look forward to some of that in our future. Hopefully you continue to enjoy our show, and all else that Cinemonic Entertainment Core has to offer. In conclusion, thank you for taking the time to read these silly words!

Chris K. Daniels
Jenny Whipple
Sam Caswell