We're an entertainment brand always working on developing excellent work in every capacity.

We’re always interested in accepting creative ideas. Scroll through the options below if you’re in the business of entertainment and you have an idea or a finished work that you’d like to present to Cinemonic

E X P L O R E   O U R   O P T I O N S


We come from the world of production. Specializing in stretching a dollar most effectively, we're masters at doing a lot with a little. Coming from the technical world, we started off working with little-to-no-budget, which has strengthened our capabilities now that we're working with funding. Our experience and growth has amounted to incredible strength in producing independent projects ranging across low-budget Hollywood films and beyond.


Our catalogue is growing with films and series that our team finds to be something special. We're always open to accepting finished works, and acquiring these projects if we feel that they match our dedication to storytelling in a creative and engaging way. We're very selective with our projects, but we love to encourage storytellers, so if you have a project you think would be right for Cinemonic: We look forward to receiving it!


Cinemonic is a massive believer in the constant evolution of the entertainment medium. We're always looking beyond, at what's coming in the horizon of the entertainment industry. With that, we've strategically partnered with brands to assist in enduring that we are constantly moving and evolving with the times. We focus on making a strong, clean internet presence and utilizing all aspects of the strengths it has to offer. From web development, to social media utilization, to SEO, to advanced and strategic internet marketing.