6 Tips On How To Survive a No Spend Week

So, you want to try a no-spend week huh? Well kid, it ain’t gonna be easy, but with this list of tips on how to survive a no-spend week, I think you’ll do just fine.


6 Tips On How To Survive a No Spend Week

What is a no-spend week?

Well I’m glad you asked. A no-spend week usually goes one of two ways. The first is no spending any money on anything for a whole week. Simple enough. The second is no spending over a certain amount for the week. (Such as an allowance for groceries and other essentials.)

Moving right along, how do you make it through a week of spending absolutely no money? It may seem simple at first, but you quickly realize how much you actually spend in a week.


6 Tips On How To Survive a No Spend Week

1. Prepare

No. This doesn’t mean buy every little thing you can think of from alcohol to crafts to entertain you. This means take account of actual necessities you have and make sure you don’t run out of tp! This will help you stick with your no-spending goal for the week (or however long you plan to go) and not actually, physically suffer. Also it’s always a good idea to make sure this isn’t the week you need to pay rent or utilities (those are pretty important).

2. Look into free entertainment

Maybe this means pulling out and dusting off some old board games, or inviting friends over for a potluck dinner party. Whatever free entertainment you can think of will be a great way to take your mind off the fancy dinner you could be going to, or the indoor trampoline place you almost bought tickets for. (Hey don’t judge me.)

3. Keep people in the loop

No only does this help you stick to your goals, but it also helps you explain when the inevitable dinner request comes up and you suggest that instead you eat the four day old Chinese food leftovers in your fridge and watch whatever is on tv.

4. Re-evaluate your spending habits

This week is sure to bring up some frustration. You worked all day and just don’t feel like coming home to scrounge together whatever food you have in the fridge. But this week is all about seeing how many useless purchases we tend to make in life. When you think about it, it isn’t really that hard to grab something from the fridge, and it’s worth the 20something dollars you’d spend on ordering a meal. It’s all about give and take, and in the end your wallet will thank you.

5. Lists!

Lists are a super helpful way to see the money you’re saving and make this challenge even more worth it! It’s great to see that money adding up, and helps you realize the little things you can cut out once the week is over.

6. Take a walk

It’s easy to sit at home and grumble about not being able to go to the bar with some pals, but that’s boring! Use this week as an opportunity to get some exercise and maybe find a new and exciting place near your house that you never even knew was there.



I hope you give a no-spending week a try. If you do, tell me if you found these tips helpful, or anything you found helpful along the way! Happy saving everybody!

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