Chris K. Daniels

Filmmaker, Director, Comedian, Writer, Producer, Lover, Tall Fella

In short, Chris loves entertainment. That’s the gist of all this. Below, there’ll be a whole bunch of different titles for the guy. But the commonality in everything: Chris K. Daniels is a passionate entertainer. The genre switches, the specifics are altered, the specialty varies. But the aspect of creating value is what keeps Chris pushing through. So check out some more specifics down below!









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Chris K. Daniels:A Quick Look

In conclusion, Chris K. Daniels is an entertainer above all else. Specifically, Chris is a film director, writer, producer, comedian, actor, podcaster, entrepreneur, spokesperson, storyteller and also a tall son of a gun. Chris has been creating short films for almost nine years, and online videos for about eleven years. Clearly, he did not have a very lucrative social life.

Though he’s always loved working!

Chris loves to create things that can grow, and eventually bring value to people. Most often, of course: in the form of entertainment. Chris is known for his stylized directing style in the way he tells stories within his films. There’s a sort of exaggerated element of reality, across his compelling, fictitious worlds. Chris is an award-winning filmmaker. He’s been invited to screen his work all across the world. His stylistic, character-driven form of directing has brought him to some incredible film festivals over the years.

In 2017

Chris co-founded iSee Entertainment Core. This was later rebranded as Cinemonic Entertainment Core. He co-founded the company with Jenny Whipple. This was aa way of growing their entertainment reach within the online community. The story continues to evolve every day. But one thing remains true: Chris K. Daniels just loves to bring entertainment to folks that seek to be entertained.