Chris K. Daniels

Chris is an independent filmmaker and entertainer. He tends to focus his work on stylized, conceptual narrative shorts. He's a believer in turning wild ideas and other-worldly concepts into the most interesting and exciting films he can imagine.  He's been directing and writing all sorts of varying short films for about seven years, with the intention of doing it for the rest of his life. 

Jenny Whipple

Jenny is a visual artist, cinematographer, writer, sculptor, painter and pretty much just an all around artist in every way imaginable. She experiments with all art forms in one way or another. With her varying skill in all things art, she's grown to focus heavily on production design within the film industry, as well as cinematography. 

Samuel Caswell

Samuel Caswell is an actor and filmmaker from a small town in northern Vermont. He's also a passionate producer. He's lived a life filled with all things film and theater, surrounding himself with performance from the moment he was first able to perform. All-in-all, Samuel is a very talented and enthusiastic creator in the film world.

Jaryd Massaro

Jaryd’s path as a filmmaker began when he was young, using iPod Touches to record initial attempts often serving as writer, director, cameraman, editor, and actor. Gradually, the crews Jaryd worked on became larger and more intricate, which led Jaryd to be able to wear less hats. He now generally works as a director or in the grip and electric department on film productions.

B. Raad

B. is a creative through and through. He's an incredibly talented writer, editor and filmmaker overall. B's been involved in modeling, acting, producing, freelance work and loads of on-set production work over the years, and has culminated all of his experience to being the creator he is today. Currently, he specializes in character-based storytelling in the most compelling, original ways.

Kate Shaughnessey

Kate is another with a wide range of filmmaking background. She’s done it all and so she has a great grasp on keeping others in line while they’re doing the things she knows how to do so well. Her talents range from creative to logistical, and the combination of the two makes her a crucial component to keeping productions on track and of the strongest quality they can possibly be. Kate is an incredibly talented creator overall, with a very unique creative voice.