A Bit About Our Comedy Videos

The Cinemonic Comedy Videos are focused on an aspect of entertainment we rarely get to touch in our regular, narrative work. This idea of the absurd, more aggressive way of reaching the audience. The content is faster, easier to produce. It’s focused on the laugh, rather than the production. It’s all based in satire and stupidity. So this makes it incredibly fun to create. In conclusion, we just try to make each other laugh, and if others like it too then that’s great. Hopefully none of our comedy offends anyone, as it’s all made in jest. So keep an eye out here! We have many more exciting comedy endeavors planned for the future.


Some of our higher production-value content is in the world of comedy too. It’s definitely different than the style found on this page, but hey, go try it out if you want! We don’t know what you’re into. That’d be weird. You know?


If you’re looking for more of our comedy endeavors, have you checked out our comedy podcast yet? Better Off Better is our comedic, cut-throat journey to self-improvement. It’s hosted by our very own, Chris K. Daniels, Jenny Whipple and Samuel Caswell. It’s both a video and audio podcast, of course. It’s streamable anywhere and everywhere! You can click here to go check it all out. Enjoy!