A Bit About Me

Jenny Whipple

Hi! I'm Jenny. I'm aa production designer and visual artist from Boston, Massachusetts.I began working as a Production Designer long before I knew I wanted to make it my career. In short, I strive to bring creative vision and life to every project I work on.

My Work

Jenny Whipple:A Quick Biography

Jenny Whipple is a production designer and visual artist. She’s originally from outside of Boston, Massachusetts. She attended Massachusetts College of Art and Design. There, she acquired a BFA in Illustration. While doing this, she grew her presence in the film industry. Pretty much every weekend, Jenny was on set: Either as a production designer, an art director, a set dresser or a prop master. Jenny took up any and all opportunities to grow her experience, skill, and social circle, as she came to realize she had a love for the world of filmmaking. Jenny has gone on to do production design for a growing list of award-winning, narrative films in the last few years. Some of her noteworthy work includes For The Good of The People, Sing To Speak, Become Ultima, Stand, Squeeze Toy, and Down To The Dead End.